Eylea Treatment for Macular Degeneration

A new drug has been developed as a treatment for macular degeneration.  The drug named Eylea will compete directly with Lucentis, the current leading treatment for the eye disease. It is expected … [Read more...]

iVeena Implants May Assist Macular Degeneration Patients

Patients suffering from wet macular degeneration are usually treated with injections of Lucentis or Avastin.  These intravitreal injections are described as painful and stressful. Fortunately … [Read more...]

Gene Based Macular Degeneration Treatment Promising

A new gene based treatment for wet macular degeneration has showed promise after being administered to 18 patients as part of an ongoing study. Developed by Oxford Biomedica, RetinoStat targets … [Read more...]

Lesions that Cause Macular Degeneration May Be Preventable

People who suffer from macular degeneration may benefit from early treatment for the eye disease according to a study published by researchers at Ladspitali University Hospital and the University of … [Read more...]

Avastin and Lucentis Safe for Macular Degeneration Treatment

A recent publication in the Archives of Ophthalmology reports that both Avastin and Lucentis are safe treatments for Macular Degeneration. Findings have shown that neither Avastin or Lucentis … [Read more...]