Macular Degeneration Support Canada is an information site dedicated to providing information on the eye disease age-related macular degeneration.  Starting in 2007 as a site to pressure the Newfoundland and Labrador Government to provide financial support for patients diagnosed with the eye disease macular degeneration, this site has undergone several transformations.

In April 2007, my mother (June Wheeler) was diagnosed with the wet form of age related macular degeneration last year.  An article carried by The Telegram newspaper outlined how the Newfoundland and Labrador refused to pay for treatments of Avastin, a drug that was being used worldwide to treat wet macular degeneration.  In May 2007, Macular Degeneration Support Canada opened its virtual doors.

The fight with the Newfoundland and Labrador Government continued throughout 2007.  In September 2007, I had met with the Minister of Health, Ross Wiseman and we had discussed in detail the costs of providing treatments for macular degeneration, the costs of providing the diagnostic testing known as the OCT Test, and associated travel costs.  To date, he has never responded.

Today Macular Degeneration Support Canada is one of the premier resource sites for information related to macular degeneration.  The site provides indepth coverage into macular degeneration treatments, research and prevention, including coverage of a variety of other eye diseases.  With regular updates from the eye care world, Macular Degeneration Support has built a considerable following with thousands of visitors and page views each month.

For those individuals who continue to ask how my mother is doing with her macular degeneration?  She’s doing great!  The progression of her macular degeneration has halted and she did not go blind.  Her last check-up at the Bense Eye Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland was a good report and improvement she had seen from her Avastin treatments for macular degeneration remain effective.  As a family, we are very happy to have gotten involved in this fight and to have raised the money for her treatments.

While it is not an easy road, Macular Degeneration Support Canada encourages everyone to continue to advocate for having the treatments for this eye disease covered by their health care systems.  It is essential that we show the elderly the respect they deserve and help them in this fight regardless of what it costs.  Ensuring that people have their vision and a quality of life should be a given.  While there may not be a cure for this eye disease, there are many viable treatments.  Going blind with macular degeneration should never happen!

Pass the word around about the new look of this site and about the great resources that we continue to publish on age-related macular degeneration.  If you find an article, a resource or some information about this eye disease, please let me know.

Join us here at Macular Degeneration Support Canada in providing those with macular eye diseases with support and information.  Advocate for research and access to treatments for those who have treatment options.

Barry Wheeler
Webmaster and Founder
Macular Degeneration Support Canada