Macular Degeneration Support Canada Site Redesigned

Macular Degeneration Support Canada has relaunched its site, redesigning the layout and text format to make it easier to read and to locate information.  The new site runs WordPress which provides many more features than the old content management system utilized before.

“We have redesigned the site to be more accessible and to provide users with a better online experience,” says Barry Wheeler, lead technical support for Macular Degeneration Support Canada.  “In developing the new layout we kept in mind readability.  Users who visited the old site found that it was cluttered and a little difficult to read.  The font was too small and the site was relatively cluttered.  The old software did not allow us to correct the defeciencies noted so since February, we have been redesigning into what we have right now, hoping that it will provide a more friendly environment for people seeking information on macular degeneration.”

Graphics have been kept to a minimum and during phase one all informational content has been migrated.

Please let us know what you think!