Macular Degeneration Action Group – British Columbia

The British Columbia Government will soon be facing opposition as lobby groups are poised to raise concerns over the BC Government’s lack of funding for Macular Degeneration Treatments.  With macular degeneration being the leading cause of blindness in the elderly, many provincial governments in Canada have yet to start providign coverage for the leading treatment of Macular Degeneration – Lucentis.  Lobby groups made up of macular degeneration suffers and support groups are meeting to decide what course of action will be taken.

Lucentis was recommended as the treatment that should be covered by provincial governments approximately one year ago.  However, the only provincial governments that have provided funding to date is Ontario and Quebec – both of whom approved Lucentis treatments for their residents some time ago, creating a system where your coverage for treatment of this eye disease is determined by which province you live in.

Macular Degeneration Support Canada spoke with a spokesperson of a lobby group that are meeting today to help formulate a course of action to tackle the BC Government and their failure to provide coverage for this treatment.  This group is meeting with several bodies to discuss what can be done to pressure the BC Government to cover Lucentis as part of their provincial drug plan.  Rest assured this group is determined and Macular Degeneration Support Canada has thrown its support behind this group and will be working closely with them over the next several weeks to ensure that the pressure is considerable.

British Columbian residents suffering from Macular Degeneration deserve to have the cost of lucentis covered.  In fact, all citizens in Canada deserve to have the treatment for the eye disease covered.