Amsler Grid Test for Macular Degeneration

The amsler grid test is a diagnostic eye test for macular degeneration.  Regular eye exams are critical for maintaining eye health.  The amsler grid test allows people who are at a high risk of macular degeneration to monitor changes in their eyes to determine if problems may exist.  There are several free resources that allow people to take simple eye exams such as the amsler grid test, allowing them to self-assess the onset of any macular degeneration disorders.

While these online eye examinations may indicate problems, they are no substitute for regular eye examinations that are imperative to healthy eyes.

The amsler grid test is a relatively simple eye exam that looks like a piece of graphing paper.  The amsler grid test has dark lines that form a series of grid squares.

When a person stares at the amsler grid test, line that appear wavy, broken or distorted may indicate the first signs of macular degeneration.  If a portion of the amsler grid is missing or blurred in any way, it could indicate that a person has early stage macular degeneration.  Using the amsler grid test, an individual can spot symptoms early in the eye condition.  Early detection of macular degeneration is critical to treating wet macular degeneration where vision loss can occur rapidly.

Why is early detection of macular degeneration important?

Wet macular degeneration can be treated with laser treatments and anti-VEGF drugs such as Lucentis, Macugen and Avastin.  Quite often these treatments will not only halt further progression of the eye disease but in some instances can reverse the damage already caused preventing permanent damage to the eyes.  Dry macular degeneration often leads to the development of wet macular degeneration.

Using a simple amsler grid test patients who are at risk of developing macular degeneration or who have already been diagnosed with the disease to monitor their eye health.

One of the free amsler grid tests available online is at  This site is designed for people with macular degeneration and other macular eye diseases.  Using this online amsler grid test, people can test their vision online.  This online site is designed to be accessible by the visually impaired but requires that individuals register to take the free amsler grid test for macular degeneration.

My Vision Test offers a complete tutorial for using the amsler grid test.

Overall, this is a great online resource for monitoring eye health.  This should not be used as a substitute for regular eye examinations and if you are experiencing difficulties with your vision, a proper eye examination conducted by an eye care professional is essential.

If you use an amsler grid test and suspect that you may be suffering from macular degeneration or any other macular eye disorder, consult a physician immediately.