Macular Degeneration Treatment Sorafenib

Sorafenib, a drug traditionally used to treat cancer, has shown promise as a macular degeneration treatment. Most macular degeneration treatments concentrate on vascular endothelial grown factor … [Read more...]

Avastin for Macular Degeneration – A Viable Treatment

Macular degeneration normally occurs during the old age. This age related vision disorder will lower the power of the central vision. It will speed up the blindness or blurring vision. Numerous aging … [Read more...]

Avastin Treatment Elevates Blood Pressure

Avastin has become the inexpensive drug of choice to treat wet macular degeneration.  Originally developed as a cancer drug, Avastin been accompanied by increased incidents of hypertension, but little … [Read more...]

Avastin Complications Investigated

Macular Degeneration Patients treated with Avastin in Canada have shown a spike in eye inflammations causing public health authorities to investigate the problems among those patients that have been … [Read more...]

Lucentis Treatment Safe for Wet Macular Degeneration

Lucentis, a drug that has been approved for treating wet macular degeneration has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for the eye disease.  The safety of Lucentis as a treatment for … [Read more...]