Free Accessible Web Browser Software for Visually Impaired

WebbIE is a free accessible web browser for the visually impaired.  This free accessible web browser is not a speaking web browser, but it does rely on the user having screen reader software installed … [Read more...]

Free Screen Reader Software for Visually Impaired

Free screen reader software to allow the visually impaired and blind computer users to conquer the digital divide is available to users through the world.  This award-winning software is available … [Read more...]

Accessible Search from Google Labs

Google Labs is offering a version of the Google Search Engine that is designed to identify and prioritize search results that are more easily usable by visually impaired or blind computer users.  The … [Read more...]

Windows XP and the Visually Impaired

Microsoft Windows XP has several features built into the operating system to assist people that are visually impaired.  In addition to these accessibility features, Windows XP supports a variety of … [Read more...]