Free Braille Alphabet Card

Macular Degeneration Support Canada is proud to announce that it has supported the development of a free braille alphabet card.  This card covers the lower and uppercase letters of the braille … [Read more...]

Free Braille Resources

Braille is a series of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are blind or whose eyesight is not sufficient for reading printed material.  Free Braille resources are plentiful on … [Read more...]

Print Braille Formatted Files with Free Software

Visually impaired and blind computer users can print Braille formatted files (brf, bfm and pok) from any Braille software using a freeware tool called Embossit.  Embossit is compatible with most … [Read more...]

Learn Braille on the Internet for Free

Louise Braille developed the Braille system in 1821 and it has become the most widely used method used by blind people for reading and writing.  It uses a set of characters or cells that are made of … [Read more...]