New Zealand Eye Care Professionals Demand Funding for Lucentis

Lucentis has become the drug of choice by eye care professionals as the treatment for wet macular degeneration.  Currently countries such as France and Australia provide coverage for the drug and … [Read more...]

Electronic Implant in the Eye Restores Sight of Two Patients Suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa

On 15 April 2008, as part of an international Phase I clinical study, surgeons at Moorfields carried out two successful operations to implant an artificial electronic retinal device into the eyes of … [Read more...]

Moorfields Laptop Technology to Aid Global Glaucoma Diagnostics

Moorfields MDT diagnostic technology to tackle global glaucoma challenge.  Future diagnostic laptop technology to tackle challenge of early global glaucoma detection on first World Glaucoma Day.  … [Read more...]