Macular Degeneration Treatment by Injection

There are several macular degeneration treatments that are administered by injection.  These are used to treat the most severe form of macular degeneration known as wet macular degeneration.

Wet Macular Degeneration occurs when abnormal blood vessels in the eye leak, causing loss of central vision.  The primary goal when treating macular degeneration by injection into the eye is to seal off the leaking blood vessels and prevent them from growing back.  Often, this will require repeated injections at critical times to ensure that further damage to the eye and retina do not progress.

The first macular degeneration treatment approved by the FDA for injection into the eye was Macugen.  This was shown to be effective in approximately 70% of the cases and while it helped stop the progression of the eye disease, it did not restore vision in any statistically significant amount.

Another popular injection treatment for macular degeneration is Avastin.  This drug was originally developed to treat colon cancer but when used in small quantities to  treat macular degeneration, it showed that it was an effective off-label treatment for the eye diseases.  What is significant with Avastin is that it costs much less than the other treatments and has become commonplace for treating this degenerative eye disease.

One of the most recent injection treatments for macular degeneration comes in a drug developed by Regeneron known as EYLEA.  This drug is injected into the eye every other month and has shown to have similar results as the other drugs used to treat macular degenerate.

The final treatment for macular degeneration that is administered through injection is Lucentis.  This drug has been shown to be effective in almost 95% of all patients who have taken the treatment.  Some have shown that their vision is not only maintained but has improved.  Like the other injection treatments, Lucentis is administered several times throughout the course of a year to ensure that the leaking blood vessels causing macular degeneration do not return.

Unfortunately, these treatments are available only for the wet form of macular degeneration.  There is still no viable treatment for dry macular degeneration.

You can watch a video of a macular degeneration treatment being administered by injection below: