Eylea Treatment for Macular Degeneration

A new drug has been developed as a treatment for macular degeneration.  The drug named Eylea will compete directly with Lucentis, the current leading treatment for the eye disease.

It is expected Eylea will be injected every eight weeks into the eyes of those patients suffering from wet macular degeneration, a degenerative eye disease characterised by the formation of abnormal blood vessels behind the retina.  This would be half as often as the treatment Lucentis

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness and is currently treated primarily with Lucentis and the off-label drug Avastin.

The wet macular degeneration drug Eylea has been recommended for approval for use by the FDA by an outside panel but the final decision has been delayed.

The drug itself takes a few months to be produced and is very similar in operation as the current macular degeneration treatment Lucentis.  Eylea operates as a VEGF Trap_eye, and is used to blogck vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) used in the creation of blood vessels.  This is the condition that progresses and worsens, causing the vessels to leak under the retina creating scar tissue and damaging retinal cells.

Patients will receive injections of Eylea less often, minimizing the risks associated with the treatment.

A final decision on Eylea’s approval is expected towards the end of October or early November.


  1. My wife has wet Mac, has lost 90% of vision in one eye, the other is weakening. Will Eylea restore her lost vision or will it just create a stable situation in her remaining good eye?

    • hilda hinman says:

      Is there an eye clinic in or near sryacuse, ny?

    • I got wet MD in one eye about two months ago. About six weeks ago my eye doctor sent me to Colorado retina Associates (retinacolorado.com) the very next day. I was given an injection of Avastin. The results have been miraculous. Although warned that the drug was intended to only halt or slow down the diserase I have recoved much of the vision with that eye. Still some distortion but quite usable. Two days ago I had a second injection. Avastin works. There were a few cases where it was improperly prepared but there have been over two million successful injections. Get to a specalist as soon as possible. Now I will keep close tabs on the other eye and at first indication will get to the clinic. From what I can determine Eylea will work the same way but will allow fewer injecions.

  2. Dear AMD Support,
    What is the scientific name of Eylea?
    Dr Tulio Hannas, MD PhD

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