Vision Test May Detect Macular Degeneration

A vision test has been developed that may detect macular degeneration before any symptoms of the eye disease develop.

Researchers at Australia’s Queensland University of Technology have developed a new eye test that could determine the risk of developing the eye disease.  There is no current way of determining if people are at risk for developing macular degeneration.

Macular Degeneration is a progressive eye disease that impacts the retina, causing loss of central vision.

The new research was conducted on 50 people with a genetic predisposition to macular degeneration but was showing no signs of the eye disease.  The research indicated there were small visual impairments in some patients which may signify early signs of macular degeneration.

This may allow eye care specialists to perform other tests to determine if there is an early onset of macular degeneration and allow for early treatment.