Visual Aids for Visually Impaired

As the number of visually impaired people increase because of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, the demand for visual aids increases.

Macular degeneration is a degenerative eye disease that progresses over time, and result in a demand for visual aids for those people who develop a visual impairment.  Visual aids allow the visually impaired to maintain some aspects of normal living by providing assistance during some activities.

There are many visual aids available for the visually impaired.  Some of the more common visual aids used include things such as magnifiers, bright lights, electronic reading devices, and modified print reading materials.

One of the more common visual aids used by people suffering from macular degeneration is magnifiers.  Magnifiers allow people with visual impairments to magnify print and other smaller household items.  Screen magnifiers for computer systems enlarge the print on a computer screen allowing the visually impaired user the ability to operate a computer system.

One of the more popular visual aids is electronic books.  With an ability to read text from books, magazines and newspapers, these visual aids allow people suffering from eye diseases such as macular degeneration the pleasure of enjoying books, magazines and newspapers.

Many visually impaired people have access to specially designed phones.  These phones permit people with a visual impairment brought on by the slow progression of an eye disease like macular degeneration the ability to stay connected to friends and family.  Some of these phones have larger buttons, picture displays and voice dialling options, allowing the visually impaired person the ability to make phone calls.

In the early stages of the degenerative eye disease macular degeneration, there is a need for increased lighting.  Specially designed lights simulate natural daylight and allow people to alter contrast, glare and brightness to match their visual impairment.

With advancing technologies, the number of visual aids for visually impaired people will continue to increase.  As more and more people become diagnosed with macular degeneration, the demand for visual aids will increase, providing manufacturers with incentives to provide more visual aids to the visually impaired.