Nova Scotia Contemplates Lucentis Treatment

Nova Scotia is contemplating providing coverage for Lucentis, the leading macular degeneration treatment.

According to Maureen MacDonald, Nova Scotia’s health minister, the province may pay for Lucentis treatments for macular degeneration payments if it can afford the drug.  Lucentis treatments for Novia Scotians is estimated to have a cost of $5 million annually.

MacDonald has indicated “We’re reviewing that drug as part of the budget process.”

For those people in Nova Scotia diagnosed with macular degeneration having access to Lucentis treatments would be a major step forward in treating the degenerative eye disease.  Lucentis treatments are typically injected into the eye of macular degeneration patients suffering from the rapidly progressing version of the eye disease – wet macular degeneration.

Currently the cost of Lucentis treatments for Nova Scotians costs approximately $1,600 per month.  People who are now diagnosed with macular degeneration must pay for these Lucentis treatments themselves while other provinces such as Newfoundland, Ontario and Quebec provide funding for Lucentis.

There is growing support throughout Nova Scotia for the government to provide coverage for Lucentis treatments for macular degeneration.  People are advocating use of the sight saving treatment for the eye disease.