Eye Drops for Dry Macular Degeneration?

A topical eye drop treatment for dry macular degeneration may be one step closer to reality after MacuCLEAR’s drug MC-1101 and Mystic Pharmaceuticals VersiDoser phase 1b clinical trial showed promising results.

The dry macular degeneration eye drop MC-1101 delivered through Mystic’s VersiDoser delivery system successfully reached the back of the eye and modulated blood flow in the choroid.  The delivery system allowed patients suffering from dry macular degeneration to self-administer the eye drop to the front of the eye.

VersiDoser regulates the dosage level and frequency of the eye drop in those patients suffering from dry macular degeneration.  The regulation of MC-1101 dosing allows for the delivery of a preservative-free formulation of the drug.  This precise delivery of the eye drop facilitated the absorption of the drug to the back of the eye affected with dry macular degeneration.

According to MacuClear president and CEO Philip G. Ralston Jr., “We are very pleased with the groundbreaking results of this study.  We have confirmed the safety of MC-1101 in humans, a primary endpoint for the study.”  Mystic president Timothy Sullivan said that “An overwhelming majority of trial participants expressed a strong positive preference for using the VeriDoser delivery system over traditional eye drop delivery.”

Further studies in the dry macular degeneration eye drops are expected to continue later in the year.rop