Eye Drops for Dry Macular Degeneration

A new phase 1/2 clinical trial for an eye drop treatment for dry macular degeneration will begin shortly.  MacuClear announced that it has entered into a collaborative business relationship with Mystic Pharmaceuticals.  This agreement will advance the development of MC-1101, an eye drop treatment for dry macular degeneration (AMD).  It is hoped that this eye drop treatment will help in the prevention of the progression of dry macular degeneration.

According to a press release issued by MacuClear, ““We believe Mystic’s novel VersiDoser™ delivery system will help overcome many of the challenges of topical delivery of ophthalmic drugs to the eye.”, said Philip G.Ralston, Jr., President and CEO of MacuCLEAR. “Standard eyedroppers typically deliver too large a drop that “floods” the eye. Conventional eyedroppers waste product and are difficult for elderly patients to use reliably on a daily basis.. Mystic’s individually packaged drops can be precisely sized and accurately delivered with a unique dispenser that is easy to use .” Ralston added, “the Mystic dispenser counts the drops delivered, which will be helpful in tracking compliance and accounting for the usage of a reimbursed product.”

In forming this collaborative arrangement, MacuClear has positioned itself in a unique opportunity to have its eye drops for dry macular degeneration approved by the FDA.  This would be a novel treatment as most macular degeneration treatments must be injected directly into the eye.  MacuClear hopes that by providing eye drops for dry macular degeneration, it will lessen stress on patients who suffer from macular degeneration.

In developing the eye drops for dry macular degeneration, MacuClear hopes to prevent the progression of dry macular degeneration to the wet form of the disease by preventing the rupture of the Bruch’s Membrane and by treating the aging effects of inflammation and oxidative stress.

With this announcement it is clear that there may be a viable treatment for dry macular degeneration in the near future.  Having this an eye drop treatment for macular degeneration would be major.


  1. would be interested in any information you could give on this problem of “Dry Mascular Degeneration….Thank you Darrell Barrie

  2. please inform us of any new devolopments for clinical trials or tratments for dry amd aswellas new treatments. thank you, Ed Srtutt

  3. Bonnie Crenshaw says:

    I would like to be informed when the eye drops for dry macular degeneration have been approved and are available to purchase.

  4. my mom has dry macular is this eyedrop out yet. please e-mail me. i want to help her. thank you so much for your time.

  5. steve del vecchio says:

    I would like to know when the Dry eye Drops are Released

    Thank You

  6. sandra toll says:

    The eye drops and the delivery system sound so promising. Please keep me informed when they become available or to be part of any trials that may be taking place.

  7. A Phase II/III clinical trial will be starting at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to treat mild to moderate dry macular degeneration with eye drops. At this time they are not yet recruiting but you can read more about the study here:


    • Carol Lotzer says:

      I would like to be part of this study. I was just diagnosed
      with mild to moderate AMD. It scares me to death. I am 69
      years old.

  8. Maxine Roddewig says:

    I am 85, have had monocular vision all my life, and for the past 4 years experiencing some central macular degeneration in the only eye I have ever had. For years I have taken lots of every eye supplement known and am on the verge of giving up driving. Please, plase help if I could be a candidate for the eye drops trials. I am in excellent health with a positive attitude and take no medications. Thank you for doing this much-needed work. Thank you Leslie Degner, RN, DSN for your information. I live hear Ann Arbor, Mich.

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