Stem Cell Treatment for Macular Degeneration

A stem cell treatment for macular degeneration may be on the horizon.  British scientists have indicated they will seek approval to conduct human trials of an embryonic stem cell therapy for macular degeneration – the leading cause of vision loss in people aged 65 and older.

This announcement to seek approval comes shortly after the United States gave approval for human trials using embryonic stem cells.

According to Pete Coffey of the University College of London, the US decision to approve the trial using human stem cells to treat paralysis was great news, clearing the way for having the human stem cell treatment for macular degeneration approved.  “It clearly gives a lot of direction to our regulars.  It is a precedent of sorts,” Coffey had stated, when talking about the decision to seek approval for this macular degeneration stem cell treatment.

Coffey and his colleagues have already used embryonic stem cells to grow retinal pigment epithelium cells.  These are the cells that are destroyed when a person is diagnosed with having macular degeneration.  Using the developed stem cell therapy, Coffey has been able to show promise in reversing the damage caused by macular degeneration in animals.

Before this stem cell treatment for macular degeneration can be approved for human trials, Coffey and his colleagues must finalize the safety data.  Approval must be given from the Human Tissue Authority, the Medicines and Health Care products Regulatory Agency,and the Gene Therapy Advisory Committee before the macular degeneration stem cell therapy can be tested on humans.

During the initial stages of testing, the researchers have indicated they will be concentrating on the dry form of macular degeneration.  This form of the eye disease affects approximately 90 percent of the suffers and has no viable drug treatment and no cure.

This stem cell treatment for macular degeneration that is on the horizon should be seen by those people suffering from the disease as a major announcement.


  1. DIANNA says:

    Have human trials already begun? My father would be interested…

  2. lawrence phelan says:

    I was diagnosed about 10 tears ago with dry Macular degeneration and this sounds, tome, like the answer we have been waiting for. I would certainly be intrested in joining a trial.

  3. My wife was diagnosed 5 years ago, as have Macular Degeneration.. She
    would love to be in any trial. She and I have been waiting for trials and 0r
    treatments for this disease.

  4. I have macular degeneration and it would be a god send if stem cell works.
    I am interested.

  5. Lisa Klewer says:

    My dad is 90 years old and suffers from age related dry macular degeneration. His health is good otherwise. Both his eyes are affected,
    one worse then the other. He will be very happy to receive a promising
    treatment. Travel is no object. Thankyou

  6. GRACE ELWELL says:


  7. GRACE ELWELL says:


  8. Joop Beunders says:

    I was diagnosed some 3 years ago with MD. I now found a place in Germany (Cologne) where there seems to be MD treatment based on stem cells on a “regular” basis. I’m 60 years of age and applied for treatment and am now waiting for the appointment.

  9. adell taylor says:


  10. I have 22 year old son who is now legally blind due to macular vision loss. This treatment is vital and urgent

  11. Derryl Johnston says:

    I would like to be part of the trials.

  12. Bill just turned 65 and has been trying to slow the progression for the last 15 years. He gave up driving a year ago. We have our own business and what used to be a day’s work turns into 3 days. We checked into going to Germany to the Xcell Center, but through a few doctors guidance found there wasn’t any information on successes. I know we are not eligable for your trials, but would want to be contacted as soon as you have approval do treat.
    Entered by his wife, Linda

  13. 43with 2 kids and a mortgage.
    Recently diagnosed with dry MA .
    Interested in clinical trail or info

    Kind regards


  14. Ooops wrong email address in last comment.
    (I guess i have an excuse)

    43with 2 kids and a mortgage.
    Recently diagnosed with dry MA .
    Interested in clinical trail or info

    Kind regards


  15. I have dry macular degeneration , mostly in my left eye. My twin sister has wet degeneration. I am 74 years old and hate the thought I might not be able to drive for very long. Would love to be in a clinical trial progam.

  16. aaaaaaaaaaaaaai have dry macular degeneration mostly in my left eye. My twin sister has the wet type. I am 74 and very active and hate the thought that I may not be able to drive soon.I live alone and still work part time at the local Walmart. Would very much like to br considered for a trial program. Thank you , Janice

  17. Vicky Guest says:

    My Mum has recently been diagnosed with dry macular degeneration in both eyes. she would really like to be involved in any stem cell trials and have more information.
    Thanks Vicky

  18. my father has dry macular degeneration , please let us know when the
    clinical trial will start.
    the family is very concern because he is taking care of our mother and she has alzheimer ,he is in charge of her medicines.
    Please let us know of any information that can possibly make a change in my father’s vision

  19. Rana Aransa says:

    my cousin has the wet MD and we would like to know how we could involve him in the trial?
    he lives in egypt and we dont mind going anywhere in the world for him to get treated. he is 38 years old.

  20. Herb Fuller says:

    I am looking for macular degeneration stem cell treatment for my eyes. I am ready before I get any older.

  21. Hi,

    My mother has macular degeneration along withb high myopia. She will be very interested in stem cell therapy. Please let us know if she can be past of the trials.

  22. I have multiple sclerosis it seems to be moving rapidly i livein pain, 95% ofmy energy is gone
    i was taking avonex for 1 year but its not working anymore for me
    i would like to have the stem cell treatment done
    i have the stem cells the cord blood stored because my daughter had her baby in dec 09
    is there anywhere in canada i can go to get this treatment done
    please let me know asap because i,m going down really fast

  23. rachel Kanno says:

    I have been diagnosed with Macular degeneration (dry) 3 months ago. I am 61 years old and very much interested in a treatment plan. I have been communicating with a doctor in Germany and awaiting an answer. I would like to know if I can be treated via stem cell or any other FDA approved treatment. Please contact me at My contact is (209) 996-1552 or (209) 577-1998.


  24. My father has been diagnosed with dry AMD. He is an intellectual and reads several papers a day etc. This has been devastating as he is in excellent health otherwise. Please let us know about trials – travel etc not an issue.

    Many thanks.

  25. David Dixon says:

    My father has the dry type. He would love to take part in any trial that would improve things for him for the time he has left. Please let us know when / if anything is possible.

  26. Please notify me when I can receive treatment, on a trial basis or once it is passed by fda for regular treatment. Thank you

  27. marisela black says:

    I have been a patient at UCLA eye clinic for the past 20 plus years. Its a great program and I hope this new treatment will work for all of us that are loseing our sight. Please keep me posted

  28. Rick Kellermeyer says:

    Please Please keep me up to date on the stem cell progress….I am 59 and ready to participate in any treatment trials….my left eye is affected as of now

  29. Mark Stelmas says:

    I currently have dry macular degeneration in my right eye and have been informed that it may be beginning in my left eye. I would be open to participate in any honest study that could save me from blindness.

  30. james brown says:

    I was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration in my right eye 6 months ago now it is starting in my left I’m a healthy 56 year old male who can’t imagine going blind and interested in some clinical trials. I am in Phoenix Arizona USA

  31. bonnie boettcher says:

    my mother has dry MD and would be interested in being in the trial
    please call 1-715-703-0807 or email me

    It would be great if she could see again

  32. I have recently been diagnosed with dry macular degeneration. At 54, I am most interested in information on successful treatments in or out of the US.

  33. Interested in for my 70 year old mother. Thank you in advance.

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