Omega-3 Fish Oil Lowers Risk of Macular Degeneration

Omega-3 has been shown to reduce the risk associated with macular degeneration in a recent report published in the Archives of Opththalmology.  Dr. Chong from the University of Melbourne and her team found that eating one portion of fish that is rich in Omega-3 may reduce the risk of contracting macular degeneration by over 50 percent.

The most convincing portion of the study showed that increasing the consumption of Omega-3 by 300 mg per day of the Omega-3 fatty acids classified as DHA and EPA, the risk of macular degeneration is reduced by about 70 percent.

Purity Advanced Omega 3 Fish Oil Free Bottle OfferMacular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55, for which there are no cures.  Wet Macular degeneration has viable treatments in the forms of Lucentis, Avastin and Macugen, but dry macular degeneration has no treatments.  Dietary supplements such as Omega-3 offered by Purity Products may be used to lower the risk associated with macular degeneration.