Effective Eye Care – Contact Lenses and You

There are many types of contact lenses available today that can provide a safe and effective mechanism for correcting vision when used properly.  Contact Lenses provide a great alternative to wearing eyeglasses and can enhance your lifestyle dramatically, providing UV protection as well as offering a freedom outside of wearing glasses.

Companies such as LensShopper  offers a wide variety of contact lenses that can correct the same conditions that eye glasses correct such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (distorted vision) and presbyopia (need for bifocals).  In addition, contact lenses can be used to change your appearance by giving your eyes a new color, or a different look.

The majority of people are able to wear contact lenses.  There are a few however, that have difficulty because of conditions such eye infections and extra sensitive eyes.  Yet there are things that remedy any discomfort encountered when wearing contact lenses.

One of the more common complaints involved with contact lenses is an increased occurrence of dry eyes.  However, there are contacts designed specifically for dry eyes and daily replacement lenses as those may work for you.  Such lenses prevent the build up of deposits because they are changed daily.  This helps reduce the problems that may generally dry out your eyes.

It is also imperative that you visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist prior to purchasing your contact lenses.  Your eye care professional will measure your eyes and find the right contact to fit you properly and comfortably.  Your doctor will also advise you on the different types of contacts available and how to properly take care of them and your eyes.  Choose an eye care professional who is experienced with contact lenses and with whom you can discuss your needs and expectations.

A directory of eye care professionalsin the various states and cities for local eye care professionals, opticians and neighborhood optometrists is available on the LensShopper site. The list provides  reliable and licensed eye care services like eye examination, LASIK surgery, consultation and contact lens fitting in the State or City you live in.  Other eye care professionals can be found through your yellow pages, or city business directory.

Keep in mind that contact lenses are safe and effective alternatives to wearing eyeglasses when used with proper care and maintenance.  Your commitment to the care and recommended replacement of your contacts are imperative to maintain healthy eyes.