Fighting Eye Disease and Cancer with Carrots

Eye disease such as macular degeneration adn the risks associated with certain cancers can be reduced eating carrots.  We have all heard our mother tellus “Eat your carrots, they are good for your eyes.”  Recent research shows that fighting eye disease and cancer may begin with eating carrots.  Apparently carrots have many health benefits for our bodies.

The orange color of carrots comes from beta carotene and carrots are jammed packed with beta carotene.  When we eat carrots, the body converts beta carotene into vitamin A and Vitamin A is essential in maintaining good vision.  More importantly, Vitamin A is used by the body in the production of rhodopsin.  This is a purple pigment that is needed to see in dim light.  Eating foods that are rich in Vitamin A causes the body to produce more rhodopsin which raises the effectiveness of the light sensitive area of the retina.  This improves night vision.

Lack of Vitamin A has been shown to lead to night blindness and overall poor vision health.  The premise that eating carrots may help improve vision and ward off eye disease is true according to this research.

When it comes to cancer, the effects of eating carrots are derived primarily from several natural antioxidants present in the vegetable.

The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry reported that falcarinol, a naturally occuring phytonutrient in carrots reduces the risks associated with cancer by one-third.  Falcarinol is present in carrots and is what a carrot uses to protect itself from fungal infections and pests.  Carrots also contain alpha carotene, another natural antioxidant.  Research conducted in Bethesda, MD has shown that men who consume high amounts of alpha carotene have a lower incidence of lung cancer.

Carrots can also improve your complexion.  Carrots have been shown to balance PH levels in the body.  This helps prevent acne and reduces the effects of aging on the body.  Some skin products are now being enhanced with carrot juice to harness this PH balancing effect.

The carrot, one vegetable that tastes good and has major health benefits to our bodies.  Remember the next time you are dipping and munching on carrots that you are eating health, improving your vision, reducing your risk to cancer and looking younger in the process.

Eating carrots can reduce eye disease, lower risks associated with cancer and improve your complexion.