Learn Braille on the Internet for Free

Louise Braille developed the Braille system in 1821 and it has become the most widely used method used by blind people for reading and writing.  It uses a set of characters or cells that are made of up six dot positions contained arranged in a 2-column rectangle, with each column containing three dots.  This effectively gives 64 combinations that can be used to represent letters, numbers and punctuation.  The problem that exists for many blind or visually impaired people is that those around them do not know Braille.

There are several websites dedicated to providing Braille lessons for sighted people, and provide an excellent resource for people wanting to learn.

Braille Virtual 1.0 (http://www.braillevirtual.fe.usp.br)
This is an online course that uses flash animation and a series of “games” to teach the Braille system to those who can see.

BRL: Braille through Remote Learning (http://www.brl.org)
This is an online instructional program that provides teachers, parents, social workers, and current/future Braille transcribers with a series of three integrated online courses in Braille and Braille transcribing.

Braille School (http://www.brailleschool.com)
Braille School offers “do it yourself” courses in Braille to aid in the communication among people who are living with a visual impairment. These courses will also allow people who do not have a disability to learn Braille, not only if they need it for work, but also to be able to communicate with people who are affected with a visual disability, otherwise known as a sensory disability.