Free Computers for the Visually Impaired

The Texas Center for the Physically Impaired(TCPI) has a program that will provide free computers to the visually impaired.  Visually impaired people have more challenges when it comes to access to things that many able-bodied people take for granted.  With technologies such as the Internet bringing many information resources into the home, visually impaired people are often unable to experience such wonders because they are still unable to afford reliable computers.  The Texas Center for the Physically impared hopes to change this with an amazing offer of free computers.

The Texas Center for the Physically Impaired (TCPI), a division of International Services for the Visually Challenged (ISPC) was founded by Robert Langfor, PH.d (Rehabilitation Administration).  The TCPI provides computers free of charge to persons who are visually impiared.  These free computers are available to residents of the United States and Canada.

People are asked for a $100 donation to cover the cost of packing, shipping and replacement parts, but otherwise the entire computer is free of charge for those people who are visually impaired.  Those people who receive a free computer will receive the computer, a monitor, keyboard, CDROM, modem, spekers and the necessary software required to be up and running within minutes.

This program works largely through a volunteer network and all computers are donated and refurbished before being sent to qualifying visually impaired recipients.  Corporate contributions also allows the group to operate and provide this amazing free offer.  Individuals who donate computers for the program receive an added bonus through a tax credit.

The free computers for the visually impaired are complete systems, with all the software pre-installed including a word processing package, email application and a demo version of Windows Eyes, a screen reader required for many visually impaired users.  Each computer is provided with complete audio tutorials on the use of Windows XP and the Windows-Eyes program.

To date, free computers have been sent to most states, Canada, Mexico, Chile and as far away as Zimbabawe.  The free computer program is open to all visually impaired people in the united states and Canada, but has been extended through patrons outside of these countries through similar programs.  Over 2,000 free computers have been delivered to visually impaired users through this program.

For more information about these free computers for the visually impaired and about Computers for the Blind program, including where to send donations please contact:


Robert Langford, Ph.D., President
Texas Center for the Physically Impaired
11330 Quail Run
Dallas, Texas 75238
Phone: (214) 340-6328
Fax: (214) 340-0870